Where do Hummingbirds go at Night? Do they fly at night?

Hummingbirds are interesting little creatures to observe, as they are both bright and constantly moving about. As such, you have probably never seen a hummingbird resting, and such a thing is difficult to imagine.

Where do hummingbirds go at night, and what do they do? Before night falls completely, hummingbirds find a tree to huddle in for warmth, usually, one where they have already made a nest. Their bodies go into a mild form of hibernation known as torpor throughout the night, although migrating hummingbirds sometimes fly at night.  

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Where do Hummingbirds usually go at Night? 

Since hummingbirds are tiny and highly vulnerable to cold temperatures, they seek out their nests about thirty minutes before the sun goes down.

They will also settle into another snug location in the depths of a tree if they cannot make it back to their nest in time. 

Once a hummingbird has gotten comfortable in the warmest part of a tree, its body will enter a state of hibernation called torpor.

While a hummingbird is in torpor, they will sleep so deeply that their metabolism, heart rate, and even their temperature will drop. 

If hummingbirds did not essentially hibernate every night, they would burn up way too much energy by simply sleeping.

During the day, for instance, a hummingbird’s heart can experience 1200 beats in a single minute.

During their torpor, this slows to about 50 beats every minute. 

Should you happen to glimpse a hummingbird at rest, they will have their heads tucked down and their necks retracted with the feathers spread out.

They might be upside-down in the tree, which will not harm them in any way, so leave them be. 

Why do hummingbirds go into torpor every night?

Torpor is a way by which they ower down their own body temperature during the night and can withstand colder weather conditions.

They take around 20 minutes to wake up and you can hear their loud snoring like sound at this time as they take in more oxygen.

Their heartbeat increases while they took in more oxygen and once they become warm they start their day by feeding and boost up their energy.

Do Hummingbirds Ever Fly at Night?

Despite their aversion to the cold, hummingbirds do sometimes stay out and fly at night.

If they live in an area with a particularly warm climate, these birds will occasionally fly about and feed for a little while after the sun has set. This is more likely in locations with a lot of artificial light. 

Hummingbirds are the most likely to fly at night when they are in the process of migrating, as they sometimes have no other choice.

Some hummingbirds have to fly for hundreds of miles over the ocean before they reach their migration destination, and they do not have the luxury of stopping to huddle and sleep in the meantime.

Do hummingbirds eat at night?

Usually hummingbirds do not feed at night and you can observe them going to their nest before sunset but I have seen some hummingbirds feeding at night too.

They might be feeding at night due to the presence of artificial light and this is not normal behavior.

So, if you have put the hummingbird feeders in your garden then don’t glow any light bulb around the area they nest.

You can check our blog “What do hummingbirds eat?” to know about the hummingbirds food.

Do hummingbirds fly at night?

Generally, hummingbirds do not fly at night but I have seen them flying at night during migration.

Most of them migrate to Gulf of Mexico and therefore they have no place to rest as they fly over the open see.

This is the long 500-mile journey they cover without stopping and therefore, you can see them flying at night during migration days.


It is very unlikely that you will ever see a hummingbird at night unless you go looking for them in the snuggest parts of a tree, deep within the branches.

These tiny birds more or less hibernate every night to prevent their own metabolisms and the cold from killing them.

Even in areas with warm climates, where they will sometimes feed after sunset, hummingbirds flying at night is rare, though you might manage to see a group of hummingbirds migrating during the night. 

The rufous hummingbird generally fly more than 3,000
from Alaska and Canada to Mexico for winter habitat.

Related Questions

Do hummingbirds leave their nest at night? They do not leave their nest at night. The female hummingbird incubates eggs all day and night long during hatching. Hummingbirds are very small in size and therefore they are vulnerable to cold and therefore, they like being in their nest at night.

How long do hummingbirds sleep at night? Hummingbirds go to sleep before sunset and when they wake up at dawn they take about 20-45 minutes to get out of the torpor state.

Do hummingbirds sleep with their eyes open? Hummingbirds are in their torpor state i.e, their heartbeat lowers down and the body becomes cold so that they can survive in cold weather. While they sleep their eyes remain closed.

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