How To Get Rid Of Sparrows? 4 Proven Ways To Follow

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Small in size, but big in problems – These sparrows are enough to make your peace go away! Here is how to get rid of them.

Sparrows love houses – It’s safe, has adequate temperatures, and offers an ideal environment. Unfortunately, this brings problems for humans. Not only are they annoying, but also dangerous! They are known to carry diseases and parasites. 

So, how can you get rid of sparrows? The 4 proven ways to get rid of sparrows around your house are –

  • Use Bird Repellent Gel
  • Use Electronic Distress Sounds
  • Use Thumbtacks
  • Place A Fake Owl

This blog is the definitive guide on getting rid of these pesky birds for good. It contains everything you need to know about sparrow control, including how to prevent them from coming back if they do return after being removed. 

By this guide, you will learn how to get rid of sparrows in a safe and humane manner while also preventing future problems with other pests 

With our Easy-to-follow steps, turn your hectic house into a happy home!

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4 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Sparrows:

The internet is flooded with a lot of easy-looking guides and tips on how to get rid of sparrows, but there is no set-in-stone rule for it.

We’ll be looking at some economical and easy ways that you can use.

So, let’s get started.

1. Use Birds Repellent Gel

One of the most effective and easy to use methods is using repellent gel. You can find adhesive gel at any hardware or gardening store. Just make sure that the label also reads ‘Birds Repellent’ when you are picking one up.

Also, make sure to clean out your house before doing this because the calcium in the gel might cause some problems when it comes in contact with any sort of product that’s already in your house.

Since sparrows are smaller in size, it makes sense that the gel is small too. You will have to either cut the tip of the tube or snip off a corner on the top.

Squeeze only about 2-3 cm of gel onto any surface where you’ve seen sparrows perching before. Use 3-4 small dots/lines for sparrows perching on a ledge.

If you have a larger area to cover, be sure to use the least amount of gel possible, as too much might cause some problems. Sparrows hate the smell of peppermint or eucalyptus oil, and that’s what this gel is infused with.

2. Use Electronic Distress Sounds:

Sparrows and other nuisance birds in your area can be controlled by using distress sounds in the form of noise, which they find unpleasant.

These devices emit high-pitched sounds that humans can’t hear, but that drives sparrows crazy. They fly away immediately after hearing such loud noises. It’s a good idea to use this method in combination with other methods mentioned.

3. Use Thumbtacks:

Sparrows are not afraid of humans, and this is why they sit pretty much everywhere. If you have issues here, it’s time to be a little creative.

The only problem that you might face with this method is that your house needs to be cleaned before you use this method because the calcium in the gel might cause some problems when it comes in contact with any sort of product that’s already in your house.

Thumbtacks are small and easy to hide, so sparrows won’t notice them or bother you about them. You can place these thumbtacks on rafters, beams, or rafter tails – anywhere that you suspect a sparrow to perch.

4. Place A Fake Owl:

Fake owls are not real, so you will need to place them in strategic locations – places where the sparrows perch.

Sparrows are skittish by nature, and they don’t like this predator-like owl at all. They fly away as soon as they see their “enemy” owl.

You can use any type of fake owl available in the market, or make one yourself using some old cloth and a balloon.

The only problem is that sparrows won’t be fool enough to come flying around you, so placing this owl near their entry point is not going to help much.

Use Multiple Lines of Defense:

If using one method does not seem to be working, try a combination of two or more methods at a time to get rid of the birds quickly and completely.

Sparrow Droppings: What They Look Like And How To Get Rid Of Them

Sparrows aren’t the cleanest of birds. Sparrow droppings are brown and can look like small specks when they are new, but gradually become larger as they dry out in time.

They can be found mostly in houses that have large open areas with beams or rafters since these sparrows like to sit in these places.

If you clean up your house and take care of other sparrow problems, but can’t seem to get rid of them; this might be the problem.

Being aware of how they look gives you an advantage over them. The biggest issue here is that these droppings are minimal and can fly all over your house – if you’re not careful.

This means that they can end up anywhere, and knowing how to clean them up is absolutely crucial. Because of this, you need to step in when the sparrows are still around; else it might be too late. 

Here’s How:

  • Use a wet mop or a wet cloth to wipe off the area.
  • If you’re cleaning a larger area, it’s advised that you get a steam cleaner because these don’t leave any residues behind from the detergent. Make sure that your house is drained of all water after this because sparrow droppings have a really bad smell and might attract them again to the same spot.
  • If you find any droppings on bookcases, file cabinets, or in drawers; wipe it off immediately.
  • Also, if the sparrows have perches inside your house that aren’t easily removed; cover them with a cloth and soak them in water for an hour to kill all the germs.
  • Get rid of the perches as soon as possible that to prevent any future problems with sparrows.

Can Sparrows Damage Your House?

Yes, if sparrows do not leave your house and come back. That’s where the more serious problems begin! They carry parasites and diseases and will make a mess of things.

This is why you need to take action as soon as possible by using the methods mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

The sparrows are a nuisance and can be hard to get rid of. If you want to stop the droppings from forming, make sure that your house is clean; but if they do come back again after you’ve done all this work – there’s nothing left for them to perch on! 

You’ll need multiple lines of defense as we mentioned earlier in order to protect yourself against these birds.

The best thing you can do is start by using one method at a time before adding another layer of protection (i.e., use fake owls first, then go with thumbtacks or vice versa).

This way, it will take less effort and energy out of your day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by what needs attention next when getting rid of these pesky birds.

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