Are Crows Nocturnal or Diurnal?

Donald Bergson

If you’ve ever seen crows swarm overhead at night or heard them cawing in the distance once the sun goes down, you may assume that these sometimes creepy birds must be nocturnal.

While these behaviors and most Hollywood film portrayals of crows might convince you that they are most active at night, crows are in fact diurnal birds.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word diurnal as “active chiefly in the daytime”. 

What does diurnal mean?

As diurnal birds, crows are most active during the day. Sometimes they may take off alone for a while or group up with a few others to forage for food depending on their mood.

Crows are very social, which is why you will often see groups of them flocked together making noise and playing around

During the breeding season (early Spring), crows tend to stick closer to the roost even when they are out during the day.

For the rest of the year, crows do not always stay close to home and have been known to travel as many as 30-40 miles in a single day to find food.

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