Hummingbird Meaning And Symbolism – A Complete Guide

hummingbird symbolism

Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures that lift your spirits when you see them. As such, you might be interested to know what hummingbirds symbolize, especially if you’ve seen them more often. So, what is the meaning and symbolism of a hummingbird?

Hummingbirds have a lot of meaning and are particularly important in native American and Caribbean cultures, where they are said to have supernatural powers. Hummingbirds are connected to feelings of love, peace, and lightheartedness. Hummingbirds can also mean a visit from a deceased loved one.

Despite their small size, hummingbirds are often the center of attention for many cultures and debates.

Therefore, this article explores the symbolic meaning of the hummingbird, what it means when you dream of a hummingbird, and what the hummingbird tattoo symbolizes.

What is The Meaning Of A Hummingbird?

hummingbird meaning

Hummingbirds have various meanings. They are native to North and South America and the Caribbean islands. In these places, hummingbirds have great spiritual and cultural importance. To understand the whole meaning of the hummingbird, we must discuss its physical and symbolic characteristics.

Then, we can discuss what hummingbirds mean spiritually and how you should interpret a dream with hummingbirds.

We know of more than 350 hummingbird species today, each with a unique build, size, and color. Hummingbirds come in various colors. However, they are always brightly colored and resemble jewels when they fly through the air.

Hummingbirds are important pollinators and use their long beaks and tongues to reach the nectar of various flower species. They are incredible flyers that can stabilize themselves to drink nectar even on the windiest days. In addition, hummingbirds move incredibly fast and flap their wings an average of 50 times per minute.

Another interesting fact about the hummingbird’s wings is that they move in a figure-eight pattern. This helps the hummingbird stabilize when they drink nectar.

Now, you might wonder how all these facts about hummingbirds relate to their symbolism and meaning? Well, many of their symbolic features come from their physical ones.

So, let’s now discuss the meaning and symbolism of the hummingbird and the spiritual importance of the hummingbird in cultures across the world.

Hummingbird Meaning & Symbolism

hummingbird flapping wings
Hummingbird Meaning & Symbolism

Hummingbirds are tiny birds. In fact, they are some of the smallest and lightest birds alive. However, regardless of their size, hummingbirds are prized as some of the most beautiful birds on earth. This is thanks to their jewel-like colors and delicate features.

Because hummingbirds are so light, they are often regarded as a symbol of lightheartedness. Therefore, when you see a hummingbird, you are reminded to relax and lighten your mood. Only then can you enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Hummingbirds drink nectar from colorful and beautiful flowers. Therefore, they also symbolize enjoyment. The hummingbird finds joy in the little things in life, such as drinking sweet nectar. Therefore, you should also make time for the little things that bring you joy.

Because hummingbirds move so rapidly, you are reminded to act fast and seize what you desire when you see a hummingbird. They don’t wait for the sweet things in life. Instead, they toward the flowers and take them. You should also adopt this attitude and seize every opportunity to create happiness for yourself.

Hummingbirds are delicate, fragile creatures. This is a sign that you should treat your loved ones and the things you treasure with care. Don’t be harsh or hurried, as this can cause you to break the things you value most.

Hummingbirds also move their wings in a figure-eight pattern, which is the sign of eternity. In this way, hummingbirds remind you that the afterlife is eternal.

Therefore, you shouldn’t only focus on what you want to achieve in this life but should also work to secure your place in eternity.

Hummingbirds have an incredible spiritual meaning and are invaluable in many native American, South American, and Caribbean tribes and folklore. Therefore, we cannot write this article without exploring hummingbirds’ cultural and spiritual importance.

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning

Many South American, Native American, and Caribbean tribes have different spiritual beliefs about the hummingbird. However, most of them agree that the hummingbird has supernatural powers and that they are a bridge between this life and the afterlife.

Seeing a hummingbird can mean that a deceased loved one is reaching out to you. They take the form of a hummingbird to visit you. When you see a hummingbird, you can rest assured that your loved one is in a better, happier place and that they are watching over you.

Hummingbirds also hold great power in various indigenous tribes. You can find interesting and heroic tales of hummingbirds in the folklore of many American tribes. Some tribes believe hummingbirds led them out of darkness and into the light. Other tribes say that hummingbirds have saved them in times of drought.

The Trinidad tribe tells of an old American tribe that feasted on hummingbirds after winning a battle. Because the hummingbirds are sacred, this tribe was punished by the gods, and the ground beneath their feet opened and was filled with water. This area is now known as Pitch Lake.

Hummingbirds were highly sacred to the ancient Mayans too. They believed hummingbirds possessed healing powers and often used hummingbird feathers to make love potions and healing tonics. In addition, the Mayans, along with many other tribes, believe that hummingbirds are messengers from the gods.

Today, the spiritual meaning of the hummingbird draws its purpose from all these tribes and folklores. In addition, the hummingbird is a sign that you should lighten your mood and take more time to enjoy the smaller things in life. Don’t neglect your spiritual and emotional well-being, and don’t forget to prepare yourself for the afterlife.

Hummingbird Spirit Animal Meaning

Many native American tribes believe that each person has a spirit animal. This spirit animal guides them through life, and when they die, their spirit will live on in this animal.

Spirit animals are sacred according to the tribes that believe in them. As such, their meaning and symbolism are extremely powerful.

According to the tradition, your spirit animal chooses you. You often share some traits with this animal while you are still human.

For example, the hummingbird is a popular spirit animal in many Native American tribes. Therefore, it is a sacred creature for these tribes.

Hummingbirds symbolize peace, joy, and playfulness. If your spirit animal is the hummingbird, you will also have this kind of personality. In addition, you should strive to be more like the hummingbird as this will bring you peace and joy.

If you have a hummingbird for a spirit animal, you might often be visited by the hummingbird. This can be in your dreams or your daily life. The hummingbirds will guide you in life and protect you. If you have the hummingbird spirit animal, you shouldn’t fear change and seize every opportunity to get more joy in your life.

The hummingbird spirit animal is vital to many tribes in America. Therefore, they believe that hummingbirds communicate between this life and the next.

Hummingbirds represent fallen loved ones, and if your spirit animal is a hummingbird, you will come back to this world as one after you die.

When you enter your spirit animal form, you will have supernatural powers, and you can help and protect your people. Therefore, the tribes that believe in the hummingbird spirit animal protect these birds and respect their powers.

The hummingbird spirit animal is a well-respected one, and people who have the hummingbird spirit animal should feel honored by it. They will likely accomplish great things while they are alive, but only if they learn from their spirit animals.

What Does Dreaming Of A Hummingbird Mean?

Dreaming of a hummingbird can mean various things, depending on the context of your dream. For example, if you are thinking of a person you miss and have lost, the hummingbird in your dream can be a visit from this person. They tell you that all is well and that you shouldn’t feel sad.

If you see a pair of hummingbirds in your dream, you dream of a lover or a romantic relationship. If you are in a relationship, this can be a sign that you shouldn’t take things so seriously and that you should have more fun in the relationship.

However, if you are single, the hummingbird pair means that you shouldn’t settle in a relationship just yet. Instead, you should take the time to have fun and meet new people. Then, you will find someone to settle with when the time is right. But now is not that time, and you shouldn’t force a relationship at the moment.

If you see a hummingbird drinking nectar, you should make time for the sweeter things in life. For example, perhaps you are stressed at work or are placing too much pressure on yourself. In this case, the hummingbird can tell you to relax and have a little fun.

Finally, dreaming of a hummingbird can also mean that you should take some time to notice the little things in life.

Enjoy the beautiful colors of the hummingbird and listen to its soft, humming sound. Spend more time in nature to enjoy its splendor and feel happy whenever you see a hummingbird flying around you.

What To Do When You See A Hummingbird?

Now that you know the meaning of the hummingbird, you might still wonder what to do when you see one. First, you should notice and appreciate this tiny flyer’s beauty and mechanics. Notice how fast it moves and how it pauses to enjoy each flower.

Then, take some time to reflect on this bird and what it could be saying to you. If the hummingbird flies toward you and pauses near your face, it could be telling you that you are spiritually balanced. In this case, take time to meditate and focus on your spiritual well-being.

If you notice the hummingbird from afar, watch it in detail and then take some time to enjoy the little, sweeter things in life. This can be taking a bath or having ice cream on the beach. Whatever you like to do, take some time to enjoy life.

Also, appreciate the beauty of this tiny creature. The hummingbird’s colors should make you feel happy and brighten your day. If it doesn’t, it signifies you are too stressed to stop and enjoy life. In this case, you should reduce some of the stressors in your life.

If you were thinking of a deceased loved one before seeing the hummingbird, you could take it as a sign that your loved one is visiting you. Know that they are okay and want to let you know that they are thinking of you too and that they miss you.

A hummingbird can also symbolize that changes are coming in your future. When you see a hummingbird, you can rest assured that these changes are positive and will bring joy and sweetness to your life. So unburden yourself from negativity and look forward to the future.

What Does A hummingbird Tattoo Mean?

hummingbird tattoo
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Hummingbird tattoos are some of the most popular bird tattoos. However, before getting any tattoo, you should know what the tattoo means and symbolizes. A hummingbird tattoo has various meanings, which differ from person to person.

One possible meaning for a hummingbird tattoo is that you are in sync with your spiritual side and your life each day to the fullest and with a light heart. In this case, you look to the positive and energetic side of the hummingbird.

Another possibility is that the hummingbird reminds you of nature, peace, and beauty. In this case, a hummingbird tattoo can signify that you like to spend time in nature and appreciate its beauty. You also appreciate beautiful things, such as hummingbirds.

Yet another interpretation of a hummingbird tattoo is that you commemorate a lost loved one. With the hummingbird tattoo, you aim to keep them close and to feel a connection with them. The hummingbird tattoo can signify that you feel their presence in your life and that you miss them.

A hummingbird tattoo can also be a reference to your spirit animal. Suppose you believe the hummingbird is your spirit animal. In that case, you can proudly wear this tattoo to show appreciation and respect for your spirit animal.

This tattoo can also be a reminder to live more like the hummingbird in enjoying the sweeter things in life.

Finally, bird tattoos are often connected with the idea of freedom. Therefore, a hummingbird tattoo can signify that you are free of your past, circumstances, or addictions.

You can get a hummingbird tattoo anywhere on your body. It can be the simple outline of a hummingbird or a detailed, colorful image of a hummingbird.

Wherever you decide to get a hummingbird tattoo, you can rest assured that the hummingbird symbolizes good fortune and happiness.


Hummingbirds have incredibly powerful meanings and have great spiritual significance in many Native American, South American, and Caribbean tribes. They believe the hummingbird is a messenger for the gods and that it is the spirit of a deceased loved one.

Hummingbirds also symbolize happiness and lightheartedness. When you see a hummingbird, you are reminded not to take life too seriously and to make time for the smaller things that bring you joy.

Dreaming of a hummingbird also carries a lot of meaning and differs depending on the context of your dreams. So don’t worry about the hummingbird, as it symbolizes positive things.


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