How To Get Rid Of Crows? 5 Proven Ways

Crows are usually resourceful birds that can be a nuisance. Because they are adept and intelligent, they can learn new skills that enable them to scavenge successfully. This means that they will be difficult to chase away for good, especially when your space is favorable for them.

There are a lot of ways to get rid of crows. Some of the successful methods are to ensure that your trash is stored in a secure, tightly closed bin. Building a scarecrow is a traditional method that works well. Crows do not like shiny objects, so hang something shiny in your yard to keep them away.

What happens when you have crows in your yard? They drive you nuts because they typically group and make a horrible noise. There are a couple of different things you can do to protect your home with ease and safety.

5 Ways To Effectively Get Rid Of Crows

There are several ways to get rid of crows but here are the 5 proven ways that has always worked for me.


Crows are drawn to places that they feel are favorable to them. By building a scarecrow in your yard, you change that because it scares them away.

These work effectively in a small yard, so you probably need to have several of them placed strategically for maximum effect if you have a big yard.

To keep the birds away for good, keep the scarecrows for longer than a week. Because crows are smart, they may become accustomed to the scarecrow making it less impactful.

A way to work around this so that it does not happen is to create scarecrows that look like real predators like hawks.

Make sure that your scarecrow moves as much as possible for maximum effect. Switching the location of the scarecrows regularly will diminish the chances of the crows getting used to them. 

Play distress calls

Playing distress calls specifically tailored to crows will scare them away. A great way to do this is using a recorder placed where the crows plan on residing.

Play the distress call on and off, making sure that the sound is loud. Other noise-making items like harmless bombs or fireworks can be set of regularly at random times to scare the crows away effectively.

Flashing lights

Along with the alarm or distress crow calls, flashing lights or strobes can be used to startle the crows and prevent them from successfully roosting.

Often these are much more effective when combined together instead of being used separately.

Shiny objects

Crows do not like shiny things. This will work in your favor because hanging old CDs or aluminum pans and foil around your yard will irritate the crows.

Again, if the shiny items hung up make a noise when hitting against each other, the more the crows will not want to stay there.

Sensors, sprinklers, and garden hose

Motion sensor lights or even sprinklers can also startle and irritate crows making them less likely to choose your yard as a safe place to roost.

Light beams also surprise and cause crows to flee when used effectively. If you cannot afford to install motion sensor sprinklers, a normal garden hose used to water your plants aimed at the crows works just as well as the sprinklers. 

Keep Your Space Immaculate And Clean To Avoid Crows

Keeping your space clutter-free and clean will give your yard a more open space, which will make the crows feel vulnerable and less likely to take residence there.

This can be done by regularly having garden people come in to trim any overgrown trees and bushes to prevent the crows from nesting there.

Do not keep the trash that you put outside in plastic bags as the tough beaks and claws easily break through. This means they have easy access to food, etc.

Have a storage space that is secure and not easily accessible. Trashcans with lids that cannot be easily opened even when they topple over will go a long way in preventing the crows from having a source of food. 

Recruit Your Pets To Help You Get Rid Of The Crows.

If you have any pets like cats or dogs, let them get in on the fun and have them loose in the yard to help frighten the crows.

You can train your pets to chase away any crows that they see on your property.

The crows will notice that your yard is not a favorable place to be in. Make sure to keep any pet food inside, as crows eat almost anything.

Why Should You Get Rid Of Crows?

Apart from being noisy, there are various other reasons why letting crows nest in your yard, surrounding trees, and roofs would be a bad idea.

Because they nest in your yard, it is inevitable that droppings will follow. These are messy but can be far more dangerous because of the diseases that can be spread by the droppings.

They will also make it harder for you to keep your yard clean as they dig into any garbage that you have, which often ends up being strewn about.

Crows have tough beaks that can cause a lot of damage to your property, especially your roof. 

Because crows eat just about anything, you will constantly worry if you have a garden or crops that you are growing.

This is because crows will damage your garden and crops, mainly corn. They have also preyed on some livestock like newborn goats. 


When getting rid of crows, it is advised to do so when they first start coming in because it is much harder to get rid of them once they have established a nesting place.

Keep trying the various methods, and do not lose hope as it can take several days before all the combined tactics work.

There are a few places to look out for where crows are known to nest, such as trees, roofs, pipes, signs, etc.

Regularly check those areas and ensure that they are not attractive to crows so that you can live in peace and avoid crows choosing your place to nest in.


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