Eagle Meaning And Symbolism – A Complete Guide

Eagle Flying

The eagle has long been celebrated and revered as the king of birds. Its strength, keen sense of sight, and unparalleled hunting skills make the eagle a fierce predator. The eagle symbolizes many positive things for cultures around the globe. From strength to acting with integrity and rising about life’s unexpected situations, the eagle has come to bring a sense of purpose and positivity.

Eagles are spiritual messengers, symbolizing stamina, strength, devotion, loyalty, and new beginnings. Eagles are apex predators. They are serious birds and have a sense of discipline, wisdom, and responsibility. Seeing an eagle in reality or dreams is a message to push yourself harder.

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If you have seen an eagle in your waking or sleeping consciousness, know that you have been visited by a messenger of the gods.

The eagle can soar higher than almost any other bird, closer to what we consider the heavens.

Journey with us through the cultures and religions of the world, and learn the complete guide to what the eagle symbolizes.

Eagle Symbolism And Meaning

Eagle waiting for prey

Much of the symbolism we take from the mighty eagle can be attributed to its appearance, hunting skills, and way of life.

As we learn about what it means to see an eagle, we will focus on the most extraordinary aspects of the bird that give it significant meaning.

We will also delve into the spiritual implications of the eagle to gain a deep understanding of this bird and what messages it brings.

There are multiple eagle species, but since they share many essential characteristics, we will focus on the eagle in general. Remember that when we refer to an eagle, we include those like the bald eagle, golden eagle, harpy eagle, and more.

Let us explore the characteristics of the eagle that lend it significant meaning and symbolism:

  • The appearance of the eagle
  • The call of the eagle
  • The hunting skills of the eagle
  • The eagle’s lifestyle

The Appearance Of The Eagle

Eagles are large, vigorous birds. Like with most birds, the females are larger than their male counterparts. When mature, they measure around 28-40 inches long.

The sheer size of the eagle gives it a sense of power and authority. We look at the eagle with awe, and this bird symbolizes that. Authority, strength, power, and wonder.

The wingspan of the eagle is between 5.9 to 7.5 feet. Once again, we marvel at the size of this majestic bird. The eagle’s wings allow it to fly to heights way beyond what smaller birds can achieve. They can use their wings to reach great heights and enjoy the fruit of their labor as they glide with the air currents.

The eagle’s wings and ability to fly so high symbolize reaching new goals. When we see an eagle in flight, we are reminded to keep striving for better and not to remain trapped in our current situations.

Eagles have large, curved, yellow beaks. Their beaks are strong enough to tear apart their prey. The yellow color is a symbol of positivity and promise. The eagle reminds us that there is always hope. The beak symbolizes strength, taking control of your life, knowing what you want, and doing what it takes to make it happen.

The eagle is adorned with different colors. The mixture of light and dark colors on the eagle’s body and head is a vivid symbol of strength in diversity. Contrast and diversity allow us to better understand the world and ourselves.

When light and dark appear on the same animal, it is often a symbol of balance. Just as the eagle appears perfectly in ratio, so should our lives. Strive to achieve and maintain a balance with your physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual life. Remember that work is essential, but so are rest and play.

While you may feel driven to achieve, especially if the eagle is your totem animal, the eagle colors remind us to rest and look around for a balance of ideas, contributions, and views.

The combination of light and dark colors on the eagle also represents our dark and light parts. The eagle often symbolizes a connection between the earth and heaven, and this symbolism is also true within ourselves.

Just as the bird can rise above the earth and reach the heavens, or bring messages to the world from the heavens, so too can we soar above our physical limitations and reach enlightenment in whatever forms we need.

Use the eagle as a sign to explore and celebrate both the light and the dark within you. It is usually only when we truly understand our darkness that we can fully celebrate our light.

The eagle has relatively large eyes, set beneath a serious-looking frown. The bird has impeccable eyesight, and their eyes symbolize clear vision. The eyes of the eagle remind us to see things for what they are, without distractions, and to keep our eyes on the goals we have set for ourselves.

The Call Of The Eagle

The eagle’s call is loud, high-pitched, and shrill. You are instantly transported to a state of awareness, calm, and connection with nature when you hear it.

While you may find yourself working, head down, entirely focused on your goals, the eagle’s call symbolizes awareness. Just like their sharp eyes remind us to see clearly, their shrill call reminds us to look up, look around and be indeed in the moment.

Hearing the eagle’s call is a magical experience, one that brings you back into the moment but also seems to provide us with an immediate connection to your surroundings. As you listen to the call, breathe deeply and take in the wonder of the world around you.

The Hunting Skills Of The Eagle

Eagles are notoriously good hunters. They can see prey from extreme heights and silently approach them before catching them to eat. They are also known to scavenge, and their strong beaks allow them to break through skin and bone to reach what they desire to consume.

The hunting skills of the eagle symbolize identifying goals and working toward achieving them. They may seem far off sometimes, but there is almost always a way to accomplish what our hearts desire.

Eagles can fly almost silently. Remember this as you draw up plans for reaching your goals. Keep your ideas to yourself and a few trusted companions. There are often those who would like to see you fail, so do not advertise your plans to many.

The fact that the mighty eagle, so proficient at hunting, will also scavenge for food when necessary is a sure symbol of being adaptable. We may feel that we are above doing specific work or asking for help in particular areas.

Let the eagle remind you that the end goal is the actual prize. Do what it takes to stay in top form and at your peak.

The Eagle’s Lifestyle

Eagles typically mate for life. They build nests for their young and work tirelessly to feed and prepare them for life as mature birds. They participate in aerial courtship displays and relish their ferocious flying abilities as they spin downwards together until the last moment when they soar back up to safety.

The mating and parenting style of the eagle symbolizes honor and loyalty among human beings. Eagles take great care in creating and maintaining their nests, and we are also reminded to care for our homes and families.

Male eagles carefully guard their nests against intruders while females incubate the eggs. Take care to protect your energy, life, ideas, and possessions from those who would like to see you fail.

The eagle is often considered a symbol of choosing the high ground or acting with dignity and respect. It also symbolizes knowing your worth and working on your strengths to reach the great heights of your destiny.

The daring displays of love and affection between black eagle pairs, in particular, is a clear sign that we should unabashedly show our feelings to our partners in love and life.

Go out of your way to make them feel loved and appreciated as often as possible. (And, if there is a little adrenaline spike in your dates from time to time, it will only make the relationship more exciting as those endorphins are released.)

Eagle Spiritual Symbolism And Meaning

spirituyal symbolism of eagle

The eagle brings about images of power, focus, freedom, loyalty, and determination, but what does it mean to have the eagle as your totem, spirit, or power animal? Let’s find out.

The Eagle As A Spirit Animal

If you have identified the eagle as your spirit animal, you likely have a typical type A personality. You strive for success and are not interrupted or upset by interruptions or obstacles. You can keep a keen eye on the prize and will continue striving almost tirelessly until you have reached your goals in the way you envisioned.

Your character is trustworthy, loyal, and ambitious, and you have a strong will. If you find you identify with the eagle as your spirit animal, you should be left to fly free, independently working towards your goals and dreams.

The Eagle As A Totem Animal

A Native American women wearing an eagle feather headdress at a pow wow in San Francisco, California, 2020. Photo: Svetlana SF.
Pic Credit: Svetlana SF.

Those with the eagle as a totem animal must find ways to ground themselves. If you have an eagle as your totem animal, you may find yourself moving from task to task without completion as your passion or inspiration for the project wanes. Find one project that sparks your passion and work on it to fruition.

Similarly, in relationships, those with the eagle as a totem animal may long for the soul connection of a lifelong relationship. If they have not found their soul mate, they could jump into relationships too quickly and experience negative consequences.

Those with this totem animal are blessed with an overflow of energy, love, passion, and a lust for life. They are able to make successful careers out of their talents and passions and be intense partners and loving, caring parents.

The Eagle As A Power Animal

The eagle is the icon of the United States, the Land of the Free, and as a power animal, it represents similar traits.

As a power animal, the eagle symbolizes truth, perception, spiritual awareness, and clarity. If the eagle is your power animal, be reminded to observe the world and people around you with an open mind. See things exactly as they are and rise above adverse circumstances whenever possible.

Always act in the best interests of those around you, and remember that we all have free will and the right to act on it.

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Seeing An Eagle In Dreams

Dreaming of an eagle is often a significant event, as the eagle is a powerful and mighty animal. Eagles often bring messages from our subconscious or beyond through our dreams. It is best to meditate on the meaning of the dream; however, here are a few brief interpretations of eagle dreams.

  • An eagle on the floor or ground: You feel sluggish or uninspired. It is time to take flight and control your life and power. 
  • Becoming an eagle: You require a change or are running away from a problem. Perhaps you will soon experience a rebirth of some kind
  • Eagle nest or eaglets: Care, protection, new life or ideas, and potential
  • A soaring eagle: Courage, clarity, reaching a goal, enjoying life, passion, living your destiny and calling, fun

Eagle Symbolism And Meaning Across Cultures And Beliefs

The eagle has long been celebrated and revered by many peoples across the globe. Throughout history, we encounter artwork and stories about this mighty bird, many of which are joyous and magical.

Eagles In Native American Lore

Painting of Nekhbet in the Temple of Hatshepsut in Deir el-Bahri, Thebes, Egypt. Photo: Andrew.

Native American people believe that eagles are a messenger between people and the spirit realm. They soar above creation and represent an upward motion.

Eagle feathers are often used to symbolize someone speaking the truth or in healing rituals.

Eagles In Christian Lore

Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos with eagle. Painting: Titian, ca. 1554,
National Gallery of Art, Samuel H. Kress Collection.

Eagles are mentioned a few times in the Bible. It is said that God carried His people out of Egypt on eagles’ wings. It also mentions that He looks after His people as an eagle mother protects her young.  

In the case of Christianity, the eagle symbolizes strength, care, and protection.

Eagles in Celtic Lore

For the Celts, eagles symbolize one of the oldest and wisest animals. They are viewed as messengers between heaven and earth.

Since they are excellent fishers, eagles also represent fishermen’s vital role for the Celts.

Eagles in Africa

There are healthy numbers of black eagles and African Fish Eagles in Southern Africa, and these glorious birds hold significance for African people, too. 

The eagle symbolizes strength and unity in Africa and holds the notion of company and organization.

Eagles are protected in many parts of Southern Africa and are revered for their aerial displays and hunting prowess.


Eagles are mighty, brave, passionate, and ferocious birds, capable of taking down their prey with seemingly little effort.

Their appearance and call symbolize the duality of life, the contrast between light and dark, and the never-ending quest to be present within the moment. The eagle represents the meeting of heaven and earth.

The lifestyle of the eagle reminds us to keep focused on our goals, no matter the obstacles, and to keep our ideas quiet until the correct time to reveal them.

We are reminded to love fiercely and protect our family and home. Eagles symbolize freedom accompanied by loyalty and ambition.






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