Blue Jay Meaning And Symbolism – A Complete Guide

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Seeing a Blue Jay is a happy sight as these beauties light up the sky. However, you might want to know what a Blue Jay symbolizes in your life, especially if you’ve seen Blue Jays recently or if there are Blue Jays in your garden. So, what is the meaning and symbolism of a Blue Jay?

Blue Jays symbolize freedom, adaptability, and self-assuredness. Blue Jays are avid communicators that often mimic other birds. You are confident and focused if you have the Blue Jay spirit animal. On the other hand, blue Jays relate to mischief and trickery. Blue Jays are sometimes a bad omen.

Although the Blue Jay is known as a bird of trickery, it also has many positive symbols and meanings.

Therefore, we will explore the exact meaning and symbolism of the Blue Jay, what does it mean when you see a blue jay and what a Blue Jay tattoo means?

This article is a complete guide for understanding the meaning and symbolism of a Blue Jay.

What Is The Meaning Of A Blue Jay?

Blue Jays are boisterous and loud birds. They have a high-pitched sound that often irritates other birds. However, their varying sounds also mean they are great at alerting other birds of predators or dangers.

In addition, Blue Jays can copy other birds, such as redtail hawks, to scare away other predators.

Blue Jays have a variety of colors and are often associated with freedom and fidelity as Blue Jays mate for life.

What Does Seeing A Blue Jay Mean?

When you see a Blue Jay, you are reminded of its bright colors and the freedom these birds enjoy. In addition, you are reminded to be more adaptable and use available resources, as the Blue Jay mimics other birds when needed.

Blue Jays are native to America and parts of Europe and therefore have some cultural connections. While not all cultural references to a Blue Jay are positive, they should influence your opinion when you see a Blue Jay.

To understand the whole meaning of a Blue Jay, we must inspect these various cultural meanings. Then, you will know what a Blue Jay tattoo means and what it means to dream of a Blue Jay.

Let’s now see the meaning and symbolization of a Blue Jay.

Blue Jay Meaning And Symbolism

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Blue Jays are known to be aggressive go-getters. They are loud communicators, which often means that they annoy other birds.

However, this also means they don’t back down when trying to make a point. This should encourage you to do the same. Don’t let others walk over you. Don’t tolerate verbal bullying or abuse. Instead, make others listen to your opinion.

Another thing Blue Jays are famous for is mimicry. They can copy the sounds of various other birds and animals.

This is a helpful skill that enables them to scare off predators and other treats.

In this way, a Blue Jay reminds you to be adaptable to your environment and to use the tools at your disposal.

Furthermore, Blue Jays are known to be aggressive eaters and often scare away other birds at the seed bowl.

However, they also store seeds, nuts, and other foods to prepare for winter. From this, you should learn to be more prepared and stand your ground when facing adversity.

Blue Jays are also a reminder to spend more time with your family. Blue Jays are monogamous and are loyal mates to their partners.

This reminds you to spend time with your family and be a reliable partner to your spouse. Be aggressive when protecting them; don’t let anyone abuse your relationship.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Blue Jay

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Many of us wonder, what does a blue jay mean spiritually? Blue Jays have a lot of spiritual meaning. Because they have been around for so long, they are often connected to spiritual events.

However, the biggest spiritual significance of Blue Jays is with Christianity. The most common sign of a Blue Jay in Christianity is that good things are coming in your future.

Furthermore, a Blue Jay should encourage you to be persistent in reaching your goals. These goals apply to any area of your life, whether at work, in your personal life, or in your spiritual life. Seeing a Blue Jay is a reminder to fight for your beliefs.

In addition, because Blue Jays store food for the harsh winter months, this bird reminds you to prepare for the future. This relates to your spiritual well-being.

According to the Christian faith, you should give your tithes to the church, attend Sunday gatherings, and donate resources to the less fortunate. This will help you prepare for the afterlife and ensure you are ready for the future.

Finally, Blue Jays have the spiritual connection of being strong and steady in your faith. Don’t allow others to bulldoze you, and make sure your opinions are heard.

Ultimately, your spiritual well-being is equally important as your physical well-being. Therefore, don’t let others keep you from pursuing spiritual growth.

Cultural Significance Of A Blue Jay

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As mentioned, there are various cultural connections to the Blue Jay. Because of their boisterous characters, Blue Jays often have negative cultural ties. However, knowing what they signify to different cultures is important to understand their general meaning and importance.

For many cultures, Blue Jays symbolize trickery and mischief because and as they are a part of the crow family, there are a lot of negative opinions about Blue Jays.

However, in Celtic tradition, Blue Jays are associated with Oak Trees and signify new beginnings and seeding. Because the Blue Jays store seeds and nuts, some of these forgotten seeds are allowed to sprout and grow in the spring.

As the Blue Jays collected their seeds in Europe, they also collected the seeds from oak trees.

Therefore, they helped spread the seeds of this sacred and nearly extinct tree in Europe. Thus, the Celts believe Blue Jays are a vital part of their history and smile upon seeing these birds.

Another popular cultural belief about Blue Jays is that they used to be bigger birds. Some native American tribes believe that Blue Jays were much larger and were used in the place of cattle for plowing.

However, the Blue Jays asked the great spirits to shrink their size, meaning they would never be enslaved again. Today, you can still see the black mark of the plow around their necks.

According to the Romans and Greeks, Blue Jays were connected to Mercury, a god who also liked playing practical pranks and being mischievous.

Finally, according to the Aztecs, Blue Jays led the war-God and the Aztec people to New Mexico.

Blue Jay Spirit Animal Meaning

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Blue Jays are also found in North America, so there are various native American beliefs about the Blue Jay. As a result, a Blue Jay is another spirit or totem animal.

A spirit animal is connected to your character. Native Americans often get “assigned” a spirit animal at a certain age.

However, people don’t choose their spirit animals. Instead, spirit animals select the people. You often share character traits with your spirit animal.

Therefore, you should look to your spirit animal for guidance in this life. When you die, your spirit will also enter this animal, and you will become one with them.

With a Blue Jay spirit animal, you are an aggressive fighter to protect your friends and family. You often play tricks on those around you, and you might sometimes be regarded as being annoying.

However, because you aren’t afraid to speak your peace, you advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Not all the character traits of a Blue Jay are harmful, and when used right, they can help you get ahead in life.

Look to your spirit animal when your feel demotivated or stuck in life. Your spirit animal will guide you on the right path and will help you get ahead in life. 

Blue Jay And The Throat Chakra

The Blue Jay’s color is the same as the throat chakra in Indian culture. Because of this, Blue Jays have strong connections to your throat chakra. So seeing a Blue Jay means it is time to speak up about injustices or verbal abuse.

Use your voice as a weapon when fighting against injustices, and don’t be afraid of forcing others to hear your opinions. Also, don’t shy away from conflict regarding the safety and happiness of your family and loved ones.

In addition, seeing a Blue Jay can signify that it is time to come forward with something you have been keeping a secret for far too long. It’s time to tell the truth, and face the consequences of your actions, regardless of how severe your deed was.

Furthermore, the throat chakra reminds you to use your voice for good. If you are a singer, the Blue Jay can be a sign to pursue a new singing or voice acting career.

Whatever you do, honor and protect your throat chakra and ensure it is balanced. Then, you will live a happy and meaningful life.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Blue Jay?

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Dreams are incredibly personal, and each dream means something different to everyone. However, certain animals represent specific messages in our dreams. So, from what we have discussed this far, it’s no surprise that dreaming of a Blue Jay means it’s time to take a stand for what you believe is right.

In the Hindu culture, dreaming of a Blue Jay flying over you with a bone in its mouth signifies that something good is about to happen.

If this is the case, you can be excited about dreaming of the Blue Jay and can look forward to some positive changes coming into your life.

However, as the Blue Jay is a trickster and deceiver, dreaming of this bird can also be a warning. Perhaps someone in your life is trying to deceive you, and you don’t know it yet.

In this case, your dream warns you to be more guarded when you are around people.

If you feel like quitting a specific task or project, dreaming of a Blue Jay signifies that you should persist and not quit.

You will soon achieve success in your task, and the Blue Jay represents resilience in this case. So don’t quit just yet; persevere and see the project through to the end.

Another possible meaning of dreaming of a Blue Jay is that you should start preparing for difficult times.

Just like the Blue Jay, you should store some resources for the colder months in life. This can be in a savings plan or retirement fund. Whatever you do, be sure you are covered in case things go wrong.

Meaning Of A Blue Jay Tattoo

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Blue Jay Tattoo meaning (Image Credit – tattooforever21)

Although there are conflicting meanings connected to Blue Jays, people often get Blue Jay tattoos. A Blue Jay tattoo can mean many things. For example, getting a Blue Jay tattoo can mean that you are a talented person and work hard to succeed in life.

Furthermore, a Blue Jay tattoo can mean you like using your voice. Perhaps you have a job where you use your voice to bring change, or perhaps you like using your voice in your free time. You often fight injustices using your voice.

Getting a Blue Jay tattoo can also symbolize that you are a person who easily accepts change. You aren’t fixed in your ways, and you are an adaptable person. In addition, a Blue Jay tattoo can signify that you like to play tricks on others.

You can get a Blue Jay tattoo in any form and anywhere on your body. Many people like getting Blue Jay feathers tattooed on their bodies, while others like a simple outline or a complex drawing.

Regardless, you should know the full meaning of a Blue Jay tattoo before committing to getting one.

What To Do When You See A  Blue Jay?

When you first notice a Blue Jay, you might not think much of it. However, as there is a lot of meaning and symbolism regarding a Blue Jay, you should take a closer look at what the presence of this bird might be telling you.

First, the Blue Jay can signify good changes coming into your life. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and be ready to accept these changes when they come.

However, a Blue Jay can also indicate that someone is trying to trick you and that you must keep an eye on those around you.

What do Blue Jays Represent?

A Blue Jay can signify that it’s time to speak up for what you believe is right and protect your family and loved ones. There are so many dangers in the world, and you must protect those you love as much as possible.

Finally, seeing a Blue Jay can mean that you should spend more time with your partner.

Be aggressive in your relationship, but don’t be aggressive in it. Don’t fear telling someone how you feel about them when the time is right!


Blue Jays are native to America and certain parts of Europe. There are many folklores and myths that attribute special meaning to the Blue Jay. Generally, they are seen as tricksters and often warn people to tread carefully.

However, Blue Jays are also adaptable and use their skills to protect others, such as making certain noises to warn other birds about nearby predators. Blue Jays are aggressive when protecting their families and plan ahead by collecting and storing food for the cold winter months. There is a lot you can learn by observing a Blue Jay.


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