7 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders 2023: Keep Them Away From Feeders

Don’t let Squirrel eat all your bird food!

Having a bird feeder in your yard is enjoyable because let’s face it, who doesn’t love birds?

The bird feeders now on the market are getting fancier by the day, and one of the things manufacturers offer is a bird feeder that keeps the squirrels away.

After all, it is frustrating to watch your birds lose their food because squirrels are getting to it first.

To find the best squirrel proof bird feeder out there, you have to know what to look for, and that is what this article is here to help you do!

What to Look for When Buying a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

If a bird feeder advertises that it is squirrel proof, you’re likely getting a good feeder that can keep the squirrels away so that bird seed isn’t wasted on them.

If you want to know just what to look for to make sure the feeder is what you need to keep the squirrels away, below are a few things you need to be aware of before you buy your feeder.

Cages that fit around the feeder

Often, you’ll see wire-like cages or enclosures around the feeder that consist of openings that squirrels are simply too big to put their mouths in.

Birds’ beaks are much smaller than the mouths of squirrels, so the squirrels aren’t able to fit their mouths into the opening to get to the bird seed.

In fact, if you’re interested in learning how to make a squirrel proof bird feeder yourself, you could try using something such as chicken wire and wrap it around your feeder.

That being said, homemade bird-feeding devices aren’t usually very effective, so it’s best just to trust the companies that make these bird feeders because they know exactly how to do it right.

Special feeding ports that close when a squirrel lands on them

Many bird feeder ports have hatches that cover them and when the body weight of a squirrel is detected, they automatically close so that the squirrel can’t eat the bird seed.

Other feeders are made with a metal sleeve designed to cover the bottom part of the feeder whenever a squirrel lands on them.

Unfortunately, these only work when the squirrels attack the bird feeder from above. If they are climbing from below the bird feeder, the metal sleeves usually do not work.

Bird feeders with a spinning base

These are popular types of bird feeders and work well in keeping squirrels off of them.

They work via a motor-driven base that starts to spin every time a squirrel sits on it, causing the squirrel to eventually fall to the ground.

They are usually gentle enough so as not to hurt the squirrel, although some animal-lovers have some reservations about this method of keeping the squirrels away.

Nevertheless, they do work well and studies have shown that they really do not harm the squirrels.

Once again, the natural body weight of the squirrels is what causes the spinning to start, so the owner doesn’t have to do anything special to keep the squirrel proof bird feeder.

Baffles that keep them away from the feeder

Some bird feeders have built-in “baffles,” which are dome-shaped devices attached to either the supporting pole or the suspending wire, and they are there to keep the squirrels from getting to the feeder.

Like the other devices made to keep squirrels away, these work well but only if you choose a commercial bird feeder.

Some DIY enthusiasts can make their own baffles, but many others are unsuccessful at it.

If you really want to rely on baffles to keep the squirrels out of your bird feeder, it’s best to purchase a feeder that offers this feature.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Before you go researching bird feeders that promise to keep squirrels away, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Your budget
  • Which method do you prefer for keeping the squirrels away from your feeder?
  • What the feeder is made of – never choose wood or inexpensive plastic?
  • The reputation of the manufacturer of the feeder.
  • The size and design that works best for your yard.

Taking all of these things into consideration will help you find the best bird feeder for your needs.

You can also read reviews from real-life customers if you start your research online, which helps a lot in making the right decision.

If you’re curious about some of the best bird feeders with excellent squirrel proof capabilities, below are a handful of them for you to consider.

1. Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder

The Squirrel Buster Plus bird feeder makes it nearly impossible for squirrels to get to the birds’ food.

This feeder has a total of six feeding ports and holds a little more than five pounds of bird seed.

It is also built with a cardinal ring that keeps squirrels away because they are unable to get to where the food is.

The cardinal ring is also there to attract Northern Cardinals, which all bird-lovers will appreciate.

Even better, all of the feeder parts are made out of a special material that is comfortable yet chew-proof, providing for a long-lasting bird feeder.

This bird feeder is made out of a strong, scratch-resistant polycarbonate material and has an attractive green base and green top.

It is made to mount on a pole, but you will need to buy a pole adaptor to use it successfully.

At just under $99, it is not the least expensive bird feeder you’ll ever buy, but when you see how well it works and how many birds it attracts, you’ll realize the price is very much worth it.

You can also buy the feeder with the adaptor or with a tray feeder if you like, so you have some options when it comes to buying this feeder.

Lightweight yet big enough to hold a lot of bird seed, this feeder is a full 23 inches high and is made with a special ventilation system that keeps the food nice and fresh for a very long time.

Brome knows what bird-lovers want, and they’ve managed to incorporate all of those things into this sturdy, high-quality feeder that is built to last for many years to come.

In fact, the feeder comes with the promise of service for as long as you own it, which means you can buy it with complete confidence.

In other words, you can count on keeping this feeder for the rest of your life!


  • Comes with a lifetime service agreement.
  • Cardinal ring attracts cardinals and prevents squirrels from going any further.
  • No tools required to put it together or take it apart.
  • Patented seed ventilation system keeps food fresh longer.


  • Some say seeds fall to the ground when birds fly away. But I didn’t have any such issue till now.

2. Brome Squirrel Solution 200 Bird Feeder

This well-made squirrel proof bird feeder is 20 inches high and has a total of six feeding ports.

It can hold 3.4 pounds of bird seed and is perfect when you don’t want to deal with squirrels getting into the birds’ food.

This is because the weight of an adult squirrel causes the shroud to close automatically, giving squirrels no access to the feeder.

It comes with a free seed funnel to make it easier to refill the feeder, and it can be put together without the use of any tools, which means you’ll be enjoying it very shortly after taking it out of the package.

The Squirrel Solution 200 even has chew-proof parts and a very attractive look, enabling it to complement any outdoor décor.

It is priced at just under $55 and is therefore affordable, and the company provides a lifetime of maintenance and service should anything go wrong with your feeder.

For the best results, you’ll need to make sure there is a minimum of 18 inches of space on the top of the feeder and all around it.

Best of all, this feeder attracts all types of birds, including the blue jay, purple finch, American goldfinch, black-capped chickadee, and the Northern cardinal, among others.

The parts on this bird feeder are also UV-resistant, which means it will last for a very long time because it won’t become faded over time.

The patented ventilation system keeps seeds fresh a lot longer, and when the seed ports close so the squirrels can’t get into them, there is no harm done to the squirrels.

This is a safe, easy-to-use bird feeder that keeps lots of birds happy each and every day, and since it is made out of high-quality parts, you won’t have to worry about it breaking regardless of how long you own it.


  • Comes with a lifetime service agreement.
  • Keeps the squirrels away without harming them.
  • It is a very attractive bird feeder.
  • It is a great size at 20 inches high.


  • Some complaints that a bird beak got stuck in it.
  • Some complaints that lots of birdseed fall onto the ground regularly.

3. Perky-Pet SBG101 Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder

If you’re researching squirrel proof bird feeders that work but which don’t cost a fortune, this is the feeder for you.

The feeder is priced at around $25 and has a special shield that prevents squirrels from getting to the feeding ports.

It holds 1.75 pounds of bird seed and is also a very attractive feeder, and it even has perches at several different heights to accommodate birds of any size.

There are six feeding ports that provide both comforts for the birds and help in preventing the seeds from falling to the ground.

The feeder is the perfect size at 6.75” x 6.75” x 20.5”, and it is bronze-colored so that it always matches your outdoor area.

The bodyweight of the squirrels naturally prevents them from getting to the seed, yet the squirrels are never in any danger when visiting the feeder.

Both the metal cage and the lid are powder-coated and sturdy, making this a bird feeder you’ll be able to use for many years to come.

It is also an easy-to-use bird feeder because all you have to do to be successful is make sure there is an 18-inch clearance on all sides and it’s all set to go.

Birds will love this feeder, but squirrels will hate it. You can trust a name like Perky-Pet to provide you with an excellent bird feeder that does what it says it will do, meaning you can enjoy a yard filled with birds for as long as you own the feeder.

It also comes in a pinecone-themed design that attracts even more birds to your yard, delighting all bird-lovers.

Recommended birdseed includes safflower seed, sunflower seed, or mixed seed, and the rustic design is certain to add a little ambiance to anyone’s outdoor area.


  • Very reasonably priced at around $25.
  • Squirrels are prevented from getting to the seed but are never harmed.
  • The feeding ports keep birds safe and interested for a very long time.
  • Designed to be shake-resistant so it doesn’t lose bird seed.


  • Some complain that it is very difficult to open the lid.
  • Some complaints about the feeder not lasting very long.

4. Heath Outdoor Products DD4-12 Double Suet Bird Feeder

Holding two suet cakes instead of regular loose bird seed, this bird feeder is small but does a great job of attracting birds while keeping squirrels away at the same time.

It is lightweight at 11.25 ounces and comes with a case of 12 suet cakes for your convenience, meaning you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your bird feeder right away.

With this feeder, you can enjoy birds such as goldfinches, chickadees, nuthatches, thrushes, warblers, woodpeckers, wrens, kinglets, and many more.

The high-energy food provided is perfect for year-round feeding.

The steel lid on this bird feeder keeps the suet cakes nice and dry, and the way the feeder is designed helps to protect the birds from predators, which means only birds will get to the food and nothing else.

To add to these things, the feeder is made out of high-quality components, including a steel cage that is powder-coated and weather-resistant, and a steel lid that is easy to use and functional.

In addition, the suet is a high-quality and nutritious blend that keeps the birds healthy and happy for a very long time.

The suet is also good for attracting many different types of birds to your yard.

Priced at around $46, this feeder is very reasonably priced when you consider how many suet cakes come along with it.

The suet gives the birds the energy they need to stay active, and birds love the taste of it as well.

If you prefer that the birds in your yard have suet cakes instead of loose bird seed, this is the perfect feeder for you.

It holds the suet cakes securely and allows the birds to eat with ease, and it keeps the birds comfortable the entire time.

Even if you’ve never had a bird feeder before or you’ve never used suet cakes, you’ll have yours installed and your birds happy sooner rather than later when you purchase this feeder.


  • Comes complete with 12 suet cakes.
  • Good for small birds but not squirrels.
  • It attracts all types of birds to your yard.
  • High-quality components mean it is built to last.


  • Some complaints that the birds don’t like the suet cakes.
  • Some claim the suet gets moldy when it rains.
  • Some complaints about the suet cakes being messy and greasy.

5. Droll Yankees YF-M Bird Feeder

This 21-inch feeder will keep the squirrels away but not the birds. While it does cost around $135, it has many features that all bird-lovers will appreciate.

This includes four different designs, a motorized perch ring that will start spinning when a squirrel sits on it so that the squirrel can be gently flipped off of the perch, a lid and base that are both made out of heavy-duty steel, and the ability to hold five pounds of birdseed.

It also comes complete with four feeding ports and the perfect design so that birds of all sizes can be accommodated.

In addition to all of these things, this spinning bird feeder comes with an AC adaptor and a powerstick, which you can insert into the bottom of the feeder.

You also get an internal baffle that keeps the seed flowing freely, meaning your birds will always get the bird seed they need without waiting for it.

The tube of the feeder is made out of a polycarbonate material that is both scratch-resistant and UV-resistant, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

This means you’ll get a well-made bird feeder that is sturdy and reliable, not to mention long-lasting.

The Droll Yankees bird feeder is both attractive and works great, and the hanging wire incorporated into the design is there to help prevent too much motion while the birds are feeding, which means fewer seed spills.

The feeder will also attract a variety of birds, including goldfinches, chickadees, redpolls, wrens, cardinals, kinglets, starlings, and woodpeckers.

The feeding chamber is nearly five inches in diameter and, therefore, holds a lot of bird seed.

You get a lifetime warranty on the feeder itself and a one-year warranty on the motor and battery charger.


  • Made out of high-quality materials and built to last.
  • Attracts all types of birds.
  • Motorized perch that keeps squirrels from eating the bird seed.
  • Holds a full five pounds of bird seed.


  • Very pricy at around $135.
  • Some complaints that the motor caused the base part to come off.
  • Some dislike that there’s no indicator telling you when the battery is low.

6. Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel-Resistant Bird Feeder

Made out of heavy-duty steel and designed to look like a small house, this bird feeder is built so that the natural body weight of the squirrel will close all access to the bird seed.

It also does this without harming the squirrel, so squirrels will be safe the entire time. Its 13.5” x 16” x 11.25” size is just perfect and neither too heavy nor too light, and it holds a full 12 pounds of bird seed, which means you won’t have to fill it up too often.

There is a baffle built in that causes fewer seeds to spill out, and the two-sided design means you’ll get more birds attracted to it.

One of the many unique features of this bird feeder is the adjustable weight setting, which makes it much easier for you to choose the type and size of bird you wish to attract.

It also comes with everything you’ll need to set it up immediately, including a five-foot pole, all the mounting hardware you’ll need to get the job done, and a hangar in case you’d like to hang the bird feeder from your tree.

Priced at around $79, the entire feeder is made out of steel and, therefore, there is nothing the birds can do to it that will destroy it or make it less functional.

This feeder is not only well-made and built to last, but it also is very convenient to clean and refill thanks to the sturdy lock that makes it easy to open and close.

The powder-coated finish is chew-resistant, and it protects the components so that they don’t break anytime soon.

It also comes with an overhanging roof and hopper that prevents the rain and other elements from ruining the bird seed, which saves you a lot of money over time.

Easy to set up and easy to clean, this is one bird feeder you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.


  • Very attractive design that lures birds in.
  • Made out of heavy-duty steel so that it can last a long time.
  • Holds a full 12 pounds of bird seed.
  • Two-sided design allows access to a large number of birds.


  • A little pricy at around $79.
  • Some complaints about the birds’ feet getting injured.
  • Some complaints about the overall quality of the feeder.

7. Nature Products Birds’ Choice NP431 Bird Feeder

With a classic but attractive design that keeps squirrels out of your bird seed, this bird feeder comes complete with a pole mount so that you can immediately enjoy it once you get it out of its packaging.

It is 20 inches high and the top half is clear, while the perches are set in the perfect proportions so that birds can sit on them comfortably.

It also holds a full five pounds of bird seed, meaning you won’t have to constantly refill it, and the scratch-resistant acrylic used to make the feeder means it will last for many years to come.

The Nature Products bird feeder’s pole is roughly 5.5 feet tall, making it a stately looking bird feeder in the end.

This feeder is so well-made that it can attract lots of different birds to your yard, including jays, chickadees, cardinals, sparrows, titmice, and woodpeckers, among many others.

The built-in baffle allows for a more even flow of bird seed, and the UV-resistant unit means it won’t fade or look bad just because you’ve had it for a while.

This is indeed a high-quality bird feeder that you’ll be able to enjoy for a very long time.

Even better, you have several options when it comes to the type of food you wish the birds to have, including sunflower seeds, peanuts, or numerous others.

The seed reservoir is six inches in diameter to hold a large amount of bird feed, and there are four feeding ports that keep birds coming back for more.

With a price of around $56, it isn’t the least expensive bird feeder you’ll ever buy, but it is certainly one of the best.

Its classic, but eye-catching, design is perfect for attracting lots of birds, and its overall quality will keep you happy with your purchase for as long as you own the feeder.


  • Comes with everything you need to use it immediately.
  • Classic design that attracts lots of different birds.
  • Well-made and durable, meaning you can keep it for a long time.
  • Holds up to five pounds of bird seed.


  • Some complaints that the perches fall off after a short time.
  • A little pricy at around $56.
  • Some claim it is difficult for the birds to access the food.


Buying the right squirrel proof feeder for birds doesn’t have to be complex, but you do have to know what you’re looking for first.

These feeders keep the squirrels away via several different methods, so learning about all of those methods is a great way to get started.

In the end, though, what will likely matter most is your own personal preferences and tastes, as well as your individual budget.

Bird feeders allow homeowners to enjoy being outside even more, so it’s good to know there are feeders that keep the squirrels away so that you can get the most out of your feeder every time you use it.

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