11 Reasons Why Crows Make Noise at Night and How to Stop Them?

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A lot of people have a fear of crows – and for good reason! Crows are known to make noise at night, which can be quite terrifying. But what is the motivation behind this? 

Crows make noise at night to warn their fellows from a possible danger like a natural disaster or predator. Having a group make noise alerts other members of the community. They then take appropriate measures to avoid the danger.

There could be a number of reasons why these large black birds would start making so much noise in the middle of the night.

In this blog post, we will explore all possible scenarios as to why crows might start making noise at night.

Let’s look at some other causes of crows making noise at night.

11 Reasons Why Crows Make Noise at Night

crows cawing at night

Crows are a fascinating species of bird. They’re intelligent, they’re one of the most successful animals on Earth, and they can even mimic human speech!

But there’s something else that crows do at night—something that has been bothering people for centuries: make noise. 

Crows are making noises due to mating season: 

Crowing is done by both genders. The males are more vocal during mating season, which is usually in the springtime.

This goes for many species of birds, so it’s common to hear crows making noise at night when it’s time to mate!

Predator may be nearby: 

Predators are adept at hunting without any noise. They use their silent approach to stalk and catch prey unaware, though this doesn’t always go according to plan.

If the predator is too close for comfort, crows make a lot of noise in order to scare them away! What happens if there is a predator like Eagles, do crows attack eagles?

Crow babies have hatched out:

Crows build their nests on high perches or treetops because they want to keep their babies safe.

When baby crows hatch out, they are defenseless and vulnerable, which is why the parents make noise at night in order to protect them!

Crows want to get rid of other birds: 

Crows aren’t exactly known for being friendly. Because of this, you’ll often find that crows will make noise at night to scare away other birds.

Crows are definitely not the most peaceful of species, so it’s no shock that they will go as far as making noises in order to get rid of competition!

Crow parents want their children to sleep:

 Young crows need a lot of rest after growing up and hatching out from their eggs.

Parents make noise at night to let their children know that it’s time for bed!

Crows are just doing what comes naturally: 

Maybe crows just like making noises, and there isn’t any deeper reasoning behind all the commotion they cause in the middle of the night.

Though this is hard to believe, crows might be vocalizing simply because it’s a natural behavior.

Crows are trying to communicate with each other: 

Crows have been known to make a lot of noise in order to get their fellow crows’ attention. If one crow is making noises, there could be something going on that the others need to know about!

In this case, it might be a good idea to check your surroundings and see if you can figure out what the crows are trying to tell each other.

Crows want everyone else to know that they’re there:

 Crows make a lot of noise at night, but it isn’t necessarily an attempt to scare anyone away.

In fact, some crow species make noises in order to let other crows know that they’re present in the area. The more noise there is, the larger their territory will be!

Crows are trying to tell us something: 

You might not realize it, but you’ve probably heard a crow making noises the night before.

Cawing happens frequently among these intelligent birds—and what’s astounding is that they’ll make noise at night if there’s something wrong.

If you hear a crow making noises in your area, it might be worth checking to see what the problem is!

Crows are trying to raise their young:

Crows have been known to use a lot of vocalizations in order to get their children’s attention.

When a baby crow is being noisy, their parents will often make noise back in order to get the child to stop!

Crows are using loud noises for safety:

If you live near a busy street or an area where there might be predators nearby, crows have been known to use sounds at night as a warning.

By making lots of commotion, they’re letting everyone around know that there’s danger nearby!

How do you get rid of noisy crows?

Here are some tips to get rid of crows.

Put Shiny stuff:

Crows will avoid an area if they see shiny objects. Be sure to hang up CDs, mirrors and other reflective materials in order to scare them away!

Put a light:

Putting up bright lights is another way that you can get rid of crows.

As soon as the sun goes down, turn on all your outdoor lighting so that the crows will be unable to find their way around your yard.

Close off any entrances: 

Crows are usually able to fly away, but if you shut up all the entrances into your area, then they won’t have anywhere to go! This might cause them to leave on their own accord.

Put out a lot of noise:

Crows are not fans of loud noises, and they’ll often leave an area if there’s a lot going on. Try turning up your music, putting on the TV, or running a fan outside to scare them off.

Final Words

Crows make a lot of noise at night in order to keep other birds away and protect themselves. They’re not the most pleasant creatures, but they do have their reasons for making all that racket!

To learn more about what crows might be trying to tell you when they’re vocalizing loudly outside your window, read the blog above.

If you have any other questions, just put a comment below, we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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